IBAN Validation

IBAN Examples: DE91560614720004022506, CH1880379000052717256, AT573412900000045351

International Bank Account Numbers are used for bank payment and funds transfers worldwide. Here you can validate the integrity of an IBAN and identify the country and bank which issued it before initiating transfers.

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Domestic Account Validation

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What we do?

We provide open to the public software tools and resources which aid the security of bank payments. Our tools can help you perform reverse lookups of any IBAN or domestic bank account numbers. You can validate the integrity of bank account numbers or confirm if they belong to the bank and branch you expect.

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Who we are?

I.B.A.N. - The organization

The International Banking Analysis Network is a non-profit organisation which has been created to provide awareness of bank payments and security. We complre banking practices and methods and help individuals and companies practice secure banking.


Our goals and practices?

By doing constant independent research in the growing field of international bank payments we develop practices of improving security and reliability in the field.

Currently, we are involved in creating smart software solutions to validate bank account numbers and perform reverse bank and branch details lookups.

Currently we are heavily involved with: